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A translocal initiative about the nature of public spaces centred on happenings in London, Lahore and São Paulo

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Awami Art Collective, Neeli showing the area for light installation, January 2016 © Rabia Hassan

PROJECT_16 begins at the beginning of 2015 with a simple question: ‘How would you like art to engage with your city in 2016?’ Comprised of three site-specific projects in the streets of Lahore, São Paulo and London, PROJECT_16 commissioned artists with participatory practices to reflect on questions of public space and its audiences.

Featured artists & artworks


Awami Art Collective Paula Nishijima Emma Smith, website, 2016

PROJECT_16, logo, 2016 © Name Surname
PROJECT_16, logo, 2016

PROJECT_16 is the first initiative of, a network of artists, designers, curators and audiences created to share and plan for the future through art.


Awami Art Collective

LAHORE – Black Spring

Black Spring is an installation of a 2000m long web of lights across the rooftops of the Walled City of the historic centre of Lahore, Pakistan. The film shown here documents the relationship created by members of the Awami Art Collective with the local residents who actively participated in the making of the work. The installation can be understood as a running commentary on the urban development projects affecting the city and its inhabitants.


Paula Nishijima

SÃO PAULO – A project for people I don’t know

A project for people I don’t know is a two-day happening in São Paulo, Brazil, and an 18 mins film. 13 people queuing to get into an exhibition at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake were selected to talk to thirteen people leaving the exhibition. Taking the ‘blockbuster’ exhibition phenomenon as a starting point, Nishijima reflects on questions of the use of public space and the role of art in creating it.


Emma Smith

LONDON – Chora

Chora is a thought experiment to investigate the notion of global citizenry. Initiated through a happening in Trafalgar Square, the work invites the public to take a moment to reflect on our shared humanity. To spread the notion of Chora, participants are invited to post their silent pictures on social media. Chora’s existence is consolidated and circulated online.

PROJECT_16 programme


08 March

Paula Nishijima

6–8pm, online happening

Entrance Gallery


09 March

Curators’ tour


Meet at the Entrance


12 March

Public Assembly: Global Citizenship,

workshop by Emma Smith


Entrance Gallery


13 March

Black Spring, White Flags

Online conversation between the Awami Art Collective, Lahore and Nada Raza, London


Entrance Gallery


17 March

Curators’ tour


Meet at the Entrance


18 March

Online conversation between Paula Nishijima and Benjamin Seroussi, São Paulo and Hena Lee, London


Entrance Gallery